Roof Tennis Construction

Tin Nghia constructs Tennis roof with many options:
  • Canvas Awning, European standards
  • Canvas Awning, combined with sheet metal roof, reduces costs for investors
  • Sheet metal roof to help tennis court bussiness 
Depending on your budget and goals of the client, Tin Nghia will help your customers effectively.
Tennis court's roof is designed and constructed with the standards of European Sports Builders Association. Roofing material is imported directly f-rom the well-known manufacturing companies in Europe. These products are told to use by worldwide associations worldwide for the outdoor courts in the harshest weather.
The roofs are constructed by Tin Nghia, take many advantages:
  • In daytime, it's light well and help people can play without using lights, saving costs for investor.
  • Can stand the heat and UV well, no noise when rain and rain water can not cross f-rom two side wings, good drainage system ...
  • No glare f-rom the end of tennis courts, this is the top concern for Tin Nghia because we were also a professional tennis player, so we know the player's difficulties.
  • 2 side wings cre-ate light and air movement into the court, make airy feeling.

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