Soccer Field Construction

Our company is specialized in importing 5 kinds of artificial grass for 3 different markets: Economical Artificial Grass, Cheap Artificial Grass, Standard Artificial Grass:

1. Economical Artificial GrassTND50 :

Good responding about using duration, warranty with suitable price is the choice of many investors. In common segment, this kind of grass is best for the customers that rent the land or plan to use land f-rom 5 to 7 years. Features of this grass is strong grass fiber, high abrasion resistance, good resistance to UV ...

TND50 with diamond shape monofilament, it is quite soft and very close to natural grass. This model has been upgraded to maximize the performance of your soccer field. That is the idea for playing soccer at school, soccer field for training, the field for 5 or 7 people.

The features of Soccer Field TND50:
- Friendly to environment and very elastic
This material is safe for players, with silica sand and rubber infill particles, this artificial grass provides the solid and stability surface for your soccer field.
- Good resistance to UV 
- Strength has been demonstrated
- High aesthetic.

2. Artificial grass TN2D standards:

The features of TN2D Artificial Grass
- Friendly to environment and very elastic: made of anti-aging and good UV resistance material.
There is a 'spine' on both sides of the fiber, it keeps the fibers upright easier and makes good elasticity for the artificial grass system.
- High durability thanks to the 'backbone' of fiber on artificial grass fiber TN2D strengthen and make surface more durable.
- Take heavy load well
High aesthetic.

3. Cheap Artificial Grass TNF50 :

Usually, this is the type of foil or cluster grass. It's suitable for the customer would like to invest f-rom 3-4 years. It's best for the construction near the center, short-term rent land. 
This option is the most suitable and best choice if you rent land outside for a short time with the goal is quick capital returns and low initial investment, but the quality of the grass is still taking place to attract customers.
With the differences of grasses, different options to choose grass, grass cost will account 30-50% the cost of the whole work. Investors should note this matter because this is the biggest cost of whole work.

- Using duration: 3-5 years

- Warranty duration: 3 years

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TIN NGHIA constructed Soccer Field at Tan Thuan Industrial Park 2014



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